The International Energy Agency (IEA) Solar Heating and Cooling Technology Collaboration Programme (SHC TCP) is an intergovernmental, multinational collaboration platform that has been advancing the research, development, and commercialization of solar heating and cooling solutions since 1977.

The scope of the SHC TCP includes the practical use of sunlight for heating, cooling, and daylighting. The core research areas are technologies for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for (1) buildings and neighborhoods, (2) industry, and (3) agriculture. The Programme is technology neutral and aims to find the best available solar solution


Solar heating and cooling for secure and sustainable energy for all


To bring the latest solar heating and cooling research and information to the forefront of the global energy transition

The Strategic Plan includes:

  • SHC TCP Vision
  • SHC TCP MIssion
  • Scope
  • Startegic Context
  • Strategic Objectives 

Strategic Plan 2024-2029

SHC TCP Strategic Plan